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Focused On The Well-being of Children. 


DCYF is committed to serving at-risk children and youth, with the goal of producing better outcomes in all Washington communities. 

Children Embracing in Circle

Washington State Department of Children, Youth and Families

On July 6, 2017, Governor Inslee signed House Bill 1661, creating DCYF. The new agency restructured the state's services for at-risk children and youth, and includes all Children's programs previously administered through DSHS. DCYF works to ensure that, "All Washington's children and youth grow up safe and healthy-thriving physically, emotionally, and educationally, nurtured by family and community." 

Family Time Specialist 

A Family Time Specialist provides parent-child, sibling, or transportation only

services for children, youth and families (DCYF). The Family Time Specialist will serve and support clients in the following manners:

  • Develop transportation schedules to transport client(s) to and from family time/sibling visits.

  • Ensure and maintain the safety and well-being of program participants during visits.

  • Facilitate engagement between parent(s), and sibling(s) with an atmosphere that supports the parent-child, or relationship between siblings.

  • Supervise/monitor the family time/sibling visit with the professional working with the family.