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Father with his Son

Private Pay Visitation and Parenting Services

Providing parents and children with emotional, physical safety, comfort and enjoyment through shared experiences. 

Visitation Services 

Transformational Ministries Program professionals have the same goals as yourself, to improve your connection  with your children and to help you find more meaningful ways of co-parenting. We offer the following Visitation Services to meet your needs:

  • Standard Visitation

  • Web-Based Visitation

  • Neutral Exchanges 

  • Therapeutic Visitation

Family Using a Tablet
Father and Children

Additional Parenting Services

Transformational Ministries partners with parents to build family-friendly, safe and comfortable environment for all parties, and will help you build confidence and increased self-esteem through our programs. Our additional programs include:​

  • Parent Education-Coaching

  • Parenting Plans and Visitation Arrangement Development

  • Parent Coordination

  • Counseling

  • Support Groups

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