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DSHS-DDA Services

Standard Stepping Stones Triple P

The Standard Stepping Stones Triple P was developed for parents and children with a disability. Standard Stepping Stones Triple P begins with a comprehensive assessment of parent-child interaction and family issues. Triple P Services can benefit:

  • Parents or caregivers of a child/children with a disability (up to 12 years).

  • Families who have concerns about their child's moderate to severe behavioral problems.

  • Able to commit up to ten (10) regular consultations, either in a clinic or in the family home.

Pathways Triple P

Pathways Triple P has been developed as an intensive intervention program for parents who have difficulty regulating their emotions and as a result are considered at risk of physically or emotionally harming their children. The Pathways Triple P program provides training and skills for parents who need personal support to improve or maintain positive skills. Benefits of this program include:

  • Parents learn to set their own goals.

  • Learn strategies to promote positive behavior and dela with misbehavior. 

PFR - Promoting First Relationships

This evidence based program is provided in the family's home or office based for families with children 0-3. PFR addresses concerns about quality of parent-child relationships, a child is being reunified after being out of the parent's care for a period of time, parent needs information about infant and toddler social and emotional development, parent needs help developing and expressing empathy towards their young child. Sessions are approximately 60 minutes each week, 10-14 weekly sessions. 

Expected Outcomes:


  • Parent has increased understanding of infant and toddler social and emotional health and development.

  • Parent has increased capacity to reflect on their own feelings and their child's feeling in order to provide empathetic, compassionate care for their child.

  • Increased positive relationship between the parent and child.

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